Music Sass: “The Way (Remix)” x Ariana Grande feat Fabolous


Certain songs were made for the summertime and Ariana Grade’s The Way is one of them.  When I first heard the track, I immediately thought of vintage Mariah riding on roller-coasters and rollerblading in denim cut-offs.  Now I know you’re probably thinking “Mariah???? Nobody can touch Mariah!” And although this may be true, I see a lot of potential in the fresh faced singer/actress.  She even does that high note that we’ve all tried and failed miserably at.

The Way is a super cute, bubbly, up-beat, flirty song featuring Mac Miller.  The remix is mostly the same but vocals from Miller have been swapped for those of Fabolous.  I love both versions and look forward to hearing more from Grande.  Click here and check out the remix to the single on HHNM.  Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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